SR658 solar controller with A17 digital flow meter

1, Technical datas:

1, Inputs:   2*PT1000 temperature sensors

                    6*NTC10K,B=3950 temperature sensors

                  1*Grundfos direct sensor(VFS type)

                  1*Rotary blade electronic flowmeter(FRT)

2, Outputs:3*Electromagnetic relay, Max,current 1A

                  3*Semiconductor relay Max,current 1A

                  1*low voltage relay(on/off signal), boiler on/off control

                  3*PWM variable frequency output (switchable 0-10V)

3, Functions: Operating hour counter, tube collector function, thermostat function, pump speed control, heat quantity measurement, external heat exchange, swimming pool circuit system, adjustable system parameters and optional functions(menu-driven), balance and diagnostics

4, Power supply: 100~240V,50~60HZ

5, Rated pulse voltage: 2.5KV

6, Data interface: TF(micro SD)

7, 485 current supply: 60mA(function not available now)

8, Housing: plastic ABS

9, Mounting: wall mounting

10, Indication/display: system-monitoring-display, for visualization of the systems, LED display and background illumination

11, Operation: 5 push buttons at the front cover

12, Protection type: IP41

13, Protection class: I

14, Ambient temperature: 0~40C

15, Degree of pollution: 2

16, Dimentions: 208*158*43mm


Note: TF(Micro SD) isn't included in delivery list.


2, Set includes:


1, 1*SR658 solar controller

2, 1*user manual

3, 2*screen and expansion

4, 2*PT1000 temperature sensor

5, 4*NTC10K temperature sensor

6, 1*clamp bag


3, Contact:


Mr Krista Zhang


Position: Sales manager

Phone: 86-573-87090146

Mob/Whatsapp: 008618857389277

Facebook/Wechat: Zilansolar

Skype: Krista025



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